Xanthe Pearson

I have a varied and interesting background, ranging from buying, marketing, sales, management and accounts.

I have two children and juggle family life with helping my husband run an IT company and doing bookkeeping for small businesses.

My passion is Kinesiology and I believe that Kinesiology came to me at a time when I needed it most.

In 2001 –  I was struggling with feelings of being totally overwhelmed after the birth of my second child.  My youngest child needed to see a Chiropractor about a mild limp and I also booked myself in for an appointment for an ongoing neck problem.  By chance this chiropractor was also a Kinesiologist.

What I witnessed on my son and myself opened my mind up to the extraordinary possibilities achievable through Kinesiology.

A month later I enrolled to study Holistic Kinesiology at a college that for the first time was offering a 2-year diploma at Sydney in this remarkable field.

It has been enlightening and I am enjoying facilitating others in their healing as well as finding a newfound inner peace along the way.

It has helped me to make some major lifestyle changes on the road to a happier, balanced, connected and more fulfilled life.

Contented Family

Myself, my husband Rob and my children Miles (7) and Kenya (9)
March 2008