Just wanted to let you know that I felt AWESOME after my treatment with you.  Its not an obvious thing but its something more innate and I just feel sooo much more lighter now.  Thank you so much! I have every belief that you will touch more and more people the more you continue your work.

And also, I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration for me.  I’m a naturally happy soul and I meet all types of people all the time – some leave an impression and some don’t but I just feel that there was a higher force at work when we first met at leap that lifetime ago! I’m glad I found you again in 2005 and without sounding too soppy, I really believe that our destinies were meant to cross and I feel that I still have so much to learn from you!

I didn’t realize how much ‘baggage’ I was carrying with all the stuff from my mum and I didn’t realize how much relief you would give me from it!!

…I feel I benefited considerably from the treatment – feeling a lot better.  Thank you. (LD)

Thank you so much for fixing me up. (JB)

Xanthe is a warm and caring practitioner who has helped our whole family.  She saved my 3 yr old son from having an operation and she helped me overcome some fears I have had for many years.  This improved my relationship with my husband and my life as a whole.  I highly recommend anyone with imbalances of any kind to go and see her. (Angela)

…I don’t think I have ever experienced such a dramatic shift in my being, followed by such euphoria and joy.  It was truly profound and inspirational for me, that I feel it should not go without some written testimony to this moment….

I know that we are told that you are merely facilitating our own process to heal ourselves, however I feel that the sacred way in which you practice your craft, goes beyond merely the craft and into the realms of pure potential healing. (CB)

My mum helps me and my friends to help us feel happy.  She has given lots of positive corrections and helpful flower essences. (KP)