Xanthe Pearson is available at: O’Donnell Street, North Bondi, SYDNEY

Availability:  Mondays,  Tuesdays, Wednesdays,  Thursdays, Fridays  and on the weekend by request

Kinesiology consultations are 1 to 1.5 hours duration.

Costs are:

First consultation $130

Subsequent consultations $120

Children $90 Babies $70

Proxy kinesiology consultation by questionnaire

Complete a questionnaire and email or send it to me and I will proxy test for a Vibrational Essence or Essence Combination, Angel Card and Affirmation to help you with the issue that is challenging you (or a loved one).

There are 3 options

A    The Essence name,  Angel Card Message,  and Affirmation emailed to you

B    The Essence name,  Angel Card Message,  and Affirmation mailed to you

C    The 15ml bottle of Essence (dosage strength),  Angel Card Message,  and Affirmation mailed to you in a gift boxProxy gift box

Payments are made by bank transfer and the costs are:

A $25

B $30

C  Australia $50   International $60

The questionnaire can be printed from the  “Questionnaire proxy kinesiology”  page.  All options will have a list of websites where essences are available and instructions on how to take the essence

Sound for Balance Treatments are 1 hour duration and include a flower essence to take home

Cost: Sound Balance $90


Please call Xanthe Pearson to make a booking on 0411 057 991.

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