A Little Kinesiology (2013)

A Little Kinesiology aims to assist and inspire you to tap into your own innate self-healing and self-guiding abilities. The book endeavours to set you on your path to inner healing, fulfilment, calmness and balanced energies.

product_thumbnail.phpThe Little Book of Healing for Children (2009)

This book is for children ages 6 to 12. It’s aim is to be a fun and nurturing tool to bring about calmness, peace, and self-esteem not only for themselves but the whole family. It hopes to inspire children to incorporate alternative health tools in their life and to appreciate the ability to give and receive unconditional love. The book is split into three easy to read sections: “Tools for health and happiness,” “Things to make and do,” and “Did you know that?”

“Xanthe has created a work which is very much needed by our children. In a world that is wrapped up in the band-aid solution for illness, we need to start teaching our children how to listen to their bodies and take responsibility for their our own health. The approach in this book is very down to earth and fun and the illustrations are gorgeous!
Well done Xanthe”                                                                                                                                                                                                       Angela Stafford

The Little Book of Healing for Children

Please call Xanthe Pearson at Equiessence on 0411 057 991 to purchase your copy.  AU $22.00 plus P&P

Flower Essences

Flower essences are plant-based remedies create openings to the inner wisdom – tapping in to particular mood states which impact on us physically, mentally and emotionally.

Dr Edward Bach, a Harley Street Doctor, realised the potential of flowers in the 1930’s and dedicated his life to exploring the medicine of the future.  His philosophy was “A healthy mind ensures a healthy body”.

Flower Essences are completely safe to take alongside prescriptive medicine, are non-habit forming and have no side effects.  Infants, elderly and pets can benefit too in that they balance negative emotions.

Originally removing flowers and infusing them in sunlight, moonlight or pure water made flower essences.  Now we do not need to sacrifice the flower itself as it is possible to extract the essence from a living plant without having to remove any part of it and the flower is free to bloom its natural course of life.

The ironical element of this is that the latter method ends up producing a far more powerful flower essence as it comes from a living source (traditionally by collecting dew from the flowers).

The following flower essence kits are available from Equiessence.

Desert Alchemy Flower Essence Kit

35.00 plus P&P

Bush Flower Remedies Kit

$35.00 plus P&P

Australian Bush Flower Essence Kit

$35.00 plus P&P

Individual Flower Essences

$8.00 plus P&P

Homeopathic “Little Helper” Kit

50.00 plus P&P

Each kit contains 6 x 25ml bottles of remedies for life’s everyday ups and downs.

Please call Xanthe Pearson at Equiessence on 0411 057 991 to place an order.