Gut Detox for well being and inner glow

The fantastic team at Sage Beauty, North Bondi* emailed me a wonderful article about adult acne.  The article gives plenty of good advice BUT I really liked the advice on a gut detox as it assists the body in so many ways.


This excerpt from their newsletter …..

  • Get 8 hours sleep as many nights as you possibly can
  • Fix up the lighting in your home and on your phone and tablets.  Stop using your phone or tablet at least one hour before bed and use a red light filter in the evening.  Use dim lighting in your home at night time.  No harsh and bright lights and make sure your lightbulbs are warm rather than cool.
  • Get out into sunlight, without sunscreen, as often as you can.
  • Stop sugar.
  • Get enough protein, zinc, fibre and good quality fats.
  • Start drinking dandelion root tea.
  • Filter your drinking, tea and cooking water.
  • Acupuncture is VERY helpful
  • Regular appropriate-for-your skin facial treatments are VERY beneficial
  • Support your liver with herbal medicines and therapeutic foods that help stimulate and support detoxification.
  • Herbal medicines can be prescribed that help support your body under stress and also address the hormonal imbalance.
  • Follow a nutrient dense, anti inflammatory diet.
  • Avoid sources of synthetic oestrogen such as storing oily or fatty food in plastic, heating food in plastic, pesticides and skincare that contains chemicals such as phthalates and parabens and resorcinol (ironically found in many acne treatment products)”

Sage beauty can assist with getting your hormones healthy the natural way.  They not only are experts in holistic skin care but also offer acupuncture, massage, homeopathy and more…… 

13 reasons why NOT to

MAY 8 2017 Sydney Morning Herald printed a moving article letter by Claire Orange.  She wrote an open letter to her 4 boys in response to 13 Reasons Why, the Netflix series that has created an uproar over its depiction of teenage suicide.

This is an excerpt from it

……….. “I simply can’t imagine life without every one of you. Having to endure a lifetime of self-blame and self-hatred that would blacken my soul and create a void that could never be filled, lightened or lessened. That’s what suicide leaves. These are my 13 reasons why suicide is not the answer:

1. There is always someone there. Always. And if not me – because today I’m not your favourite person – then a grandparent, an auntie, a cousin, a brother, a friend.

2. Despite what’s happened to you or what you have been part of by choice or proximity, I will always love you as much as the moment I first knew you were there. I might not love what you’ve done but I will always love you with my entire being.

3. You are here for a reason. You have a life ahead full of love, relationships, achievements and setbacks. And I will be there beside you.

4. However busy I am, whatever else is happening for me, I will put it aside for you. Hell, I’d lay down my life for yours to sustain.

5. You are loved.

6. You are valued.

7. You are resilient.

8. You are more than the sum of your experiences, more than anything anyone can and will ever say about you.

9. This too shall pass. Life is a series of stages, each with its own unique teachings and learnings.

10. Nothing is too big, too embarrassing, too … anything to talk about. I’m honoured when you confide in me, but remember your safety net of people. They love you too.

11. Every life – yours, mine has high and low points. Storm clouds gather, they might linger but they won’t be there forever. Promise.

12. You come from a long line of resilient survivors. It’s in your blood.

13. My love for you is more powerful than anything you’ve seen on a superhero movie. My love transcends time. It will be there for generations to come, wrapping itself around you and your children one day, and their children, and theirs.

My sons, 13 Reason Why should be called 13 Reasons Why Not. As viewed material, it now forms part of the complex neural network through which you interpret and respond to life. Let’s keep talking, learning from it and making it part of your lifelong love of, lust for and link to life.

My Sons. My life. My breath.”


Claire Orange is a children’s wellbeing expert – therapist, author, speaker and mother of four. She is a director and co-founder of BEST Programs 4 Kids, a national organisation that specialises in developing effective social and emotional wellbeing resources for families and schools.

Lifeline 131 114

MensLine 1300 789 978

Beyondblue 1300 224 636.


Reference MAY 8 2017 Sydney Morning Herald

The Brain and Learning

Our learning is affected by optimal fibre transport!! While the brain appears to be 2 halves (left/right brain theory), it is in fact a single ‘whole unit’ with a series of fibres running all over the place.

The main fibres running from one hemisphere to the other are called the ‘Corpus Callosum’, while fibres running from the front to the back of the brain are called the ‘association’ (long ones) and the ‘arcuate’ (short ones). There are also fibres that spread from the bottom up and throughout the brain, which are called ‘projection’.  Overall and generally –  the association, arcuate and projection fibres are mirrored on the left and right hemispheres.

The best way to think of these fibres is as internet cables. Most of the time the information you need is there when you tap on your keyboard – but when your ISP (Internet Provider) puts a cap on your internet, the information you receive is slow and sometimes it doesn’t get through at all. Kinesiology can assist in uncapping the connections thus restoring the flow of information for optimum capacity.

Discoveries have found that learning difficulties and issues such as Asperger’s, Autism, ADD can be caused by information in the brain not being able to be transported along these fibres (brain ‘internet cables’) and what occurs is known as a loss of brain integration.

 Loss of brain integration: scale and effect

Think of your own life; when you try to do something new or different but you can’t quite seem to grasp it – you may get a bit frustrated, give up, or persevering with it until you finally succeed. This, in some form, is an example of a loss of brain integration. It’s akin to remembering a favourite movie star but the name escapes you – loss of brain integration.

A truly integrated brain is capable of a lot but most of us have never fully experienced, a fully integrated brain.  This can be due to our upbringing, environmental issues, diet, and many other factors.

The feeling of anxiety or distress when you can’t remember where you left an important item is a feeling we have all experienced. Not finding the item at all because you no longer know where you left it, is akin to what it is like for a child with learning issues. They try as hard as they can (under parental pressure and time constraints), yet still no luck.

Another common situation is where a child, often as a result of experiencing some kind of learning difficulty, starts acting out and misbehaving. If left unchecked, this loss of brain integration can quickly spiral into a destructive cycle with much wider ramifications.

  • initial loss of brain integration – the initial cause
  • then, punishment’ (or lack of reward) for not being able to do the ‘the thing’ that was expected of them
  • the child then tries harder to get it right  but often gets frustrated by the situation, because they simply can’t do what is expected of them, and this is where the problem can occur
  • this in turn can cause to become anxious as their sense of identity is being undermined – causing the child to go into self-preservation mode – what can often be seen as poor behaviour.
  • the poor behaviour makes it more difficult for them to learn (or to succeed next time), and the cycle continues, escalating each time as it goes.
  • This ‘lack of success’ can plague a person throughout their entire life; either by preventing them from facing life’s adversities and perceived failures, or from even attempting the challenges to begin with – their subconscious hardwired to ‘expect’ failure.

Kinesiology has many tools that can assist the Brain with learning:

  • Brain Points for integration
  • Cross Crawl Exercises such as marching
  • Vibrational Healing
  • Self Esteem, Success and Confidence Goals
  • Essential oils that pass through the Blood Brain Barrier
  • Eye modes                                                                                                          to name a few.

Children respond really well to Kinesiology, so book an appointment for your child if you feel they would benefit.


Many thanks to  for enhancing my knowledge of the brain. They are based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and offer a specialised Kinesiology called LEAP that is specifically targeted at Learning difficulties.  They can be contacted on 0499 309 655.




Feng Shui your house for Winter

Winter is a time of introspection, but we also want to maintain flow within our lives and avoid stagnancy.  Feng Shui reminders and enhancers that can be used in your home to activate areas, encourage flow and maintain positive vibes are:

  • Always keep the bathroom and toilet door closed.
  • Place healthy plants around the home.
  • Do some repainting to make rooms as bright as possible.
  • Play music or the radio for lively Yang energy.
  • Keep a pet to bring in yang energy to the house.
  • Do not have Bonsai or Cacti in the house – stunted growth plants should be moved outside.
  • Throw away chipped / broken crockery and any broken items at once.
  • Display fresh flowers and remove dead or dried flowers.
  • De-clutter rooms and sort through your wardrobe. Send unwanted items to be recycled.
  • Place a bold red item such as a rug, vase or cushion in the bedroom to ignite passion and romance.

Colour up your Winter with a new crystal

Winter is a time of regeneration, introspection and resting.  The cooler weather inspires us to stay indoors more and to become a homebody.

With Winter just around the corner, how about going Crystal shopping for some crystals to aid healing, rejuvenation and to brighten the nights.  Allow the crystal to choose you and perfect places to find your crystal are markets and fairs.  You can also google Crystal warehouses in your area.

Good Winter crystals are:

Clear quartz for harmonising and alignment

Moonstone for relationship harmony within the home

Chalcedony for harmonising mind, body and spirit and clear expression

Citrine for protection and inner calm

Smoky quartz for dispelling negativity

Lapis Lazuli for enhancing intuition

Amber for it’s soothing abilities

Amethyst for a calm outlook

Rose Quartz for inspiring “Love” all around


Safe haven within your home

Following on from last months’ newsletter about endorsing an Australian company that aids protection – I found an article …..

Release that negative energy from your home!

They gave some good tips on how to create a  haven within your home.

  1. Aim to minimise tense encounters taking place in your house. Go to a neutral location. Or if you take work home, limit where it’s done in the house.
  2. If you are building or renovating, choose the tradespeople with care. Be selective about their “energy” and attitude as well as their fees and skills. Not only will this help you select tradespeople you are happy to have around and have in your space, you will also minimise the risk of negative energy becoming embedded within the structure.
  3. Add your own touches to a new home, even if everything seems perfect as it is.
  4. Establish your own regular DIY clearing routine: clear clutter, play clean-sounding, uplifting music and consciously purge the place of any negativity that has occurred there.
  5. Create a feeling of space, freshness and light. Good ventilation and natural light are critical to feeling positive in a space.
  6. Research the history of the house you’re thinking of buying; that is, its previous inhabitants as well as neighbourly relations.
  7. Create pleasant gardens and place plants within your house.
  8. Make good use of fresh, bright, happy colours and sounds, as they can have a purifying effect.
  9. Bush Flower Essences and sprays as well as sandalwood, sage and wormwood (burnt) make excellent space clearers.
  10. Declutter to create a feeling of calm, space and control over your space.
  11. Simmer fresh rosemary in a pot of water and let the scent stream through your house. It will impart a lovely clear, fresh, enlivening scent that is even more effective than scented candles or oils.
  12. Make the approach to your house inviting. For instance, paint the facade of your house a positive colour and frame the doorway/walkway with plants or flowers. That way you’ll be more open to feeling positive when you enter the house.
  13. Meditation and visualisation can be useful tools to help you settle into a new space and feel comfortable there on a deeper level.

Other tips that I myself use to keep my house a safe haven are:

  1. Ensure lovely air flow by opening windows and doors in good weather.
  2. Introduce some Feng Shui tools –  a red front door and placing a 3 legged frog at the threshold are well known ones.
  3. Use chimes or tingshas to clear stagnant energy.
  4. Use diluted essential oils to wipe surfaces – my favourite is Eucalyptus.
  5. Imagine a guardian angel hovering over the house with a giant magnet – drawing all negative energy away.
  6. Send light and love to lost roaming souls that may have arrived, so that they can move on up into the light in to the realm of the divine.

Release that negative energy from your home!

An Australian company that assists with protection

I don’t usually promote businesses but I am often prompted to recommend this company to my clients.  I met Gerard Bini at a Kinesiology Conference and he did a gratis short remote google earth consult for my house and clinic.  He was so accurate and I continue to use the products I purchased from him.

If you “need protection” in all aspects of your life then his website is definitely wth a look…… google orgone effects australia

From his website….

“The OEA Ionic Orgonium tools/products are designed to be used for:-

  • Building Energetics
  • Personal Energy Protection
  • Water & Food Ionising & Rejuvenation
  • Automotive & Aviation Cabin EMR

Our Consulting Service covers the following aspects of Building Energetics:-

  • Earth Magnetic Grids and Nets
  • Electromagnetic Radiation, Radio Frequency
  • Wi-Fi, Microwave, Satellite, and RF Beams
  • Underground Water Veins
  • Sewer & Grey Water Lines
  • Fault Lines
  • Paranormal Interferences
  • Earth Radiation caused by Radioactive Geological Matter
  • Noxious Resonance from the presence of mould and fungus
  • Negative Psychic Impressions

OEA also offers a short remote phone consultation using Google Earth to detect exactly what EMF energies may be present in your home or workplace. This may assist you to decide which energy balancing products you may require for you and your family. This service is free.

  • Does your house make you feel sick or depressed?
  • Do you suffer from headaches or fatigue in an office environment?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Is there a room or space in your home that feels heavy and sickly?
  • Do the energies in your home or workplace support your health?
  • Are you being frightened by paranormal activity at night?
  • Have you been diagnosed with Electro-hypersensitivity?
  • Do you feel lethargic or lack drive to perform the simplest of tasks at home?

Our mission is to create a crystal clear living and workspace that supports your health and is a happier space to reside in, so you can get on with your life in a more healthy and vibrant environment.”

Motivate your child to love learning

Being a parent is no easy task and one of the many areas we need to focus on in while bringing up balanced kids is to teach them how much fun learning can be.

Some tips include:

  • Help them identify and do things that they are good at – lego, chess, gardening, cooking, drafts ….
  • Visit parks and outdoor gardens or make an indoor garden with them
  • Suggest starting a collection such as shells, buttons, stamps, pressed flowers
  • Catch multitude types of public transport with them and use the timetables and maps with them
  • Use the local library – not just for borrowing books but engage them in the library activities on offer
  • Discuss news items that are in the paper
  • Watch documentaries together
  • Show them how to find information on the internet for their school projects
  • Listen to and value their view point
  • Treat them to a museum or exhibition outings often
  • Praise and acknowledge them regularly
  • Do activities together as a family
  • Promote siblings working together rather than competing with each other
  • Make the most of teachable moments
  • Understand that “fear of failure” is often the reason for resistance to learning tasks – let them know that mistakes are a great way to learn
  • Praise resilience as often as you see it
  • Teach them to talk in positive self-talk such as “this maths didn’t go too well but I know I can do better next time” rather than “I am really bad at maths!”
  • Encourage then to join a team sport – coordination of hands and feet are great for the brain.  Walking / marching / skipping is also good for left right brain integration
  • Help them find their favourite essential oils – these do wonders for their emotions and wake up the brain


Mental Health Support Organisations

In these “Silly Season and Uncertain” days  there are various organisations that exist to support people in distress and help them with mental health issues and wellbeing.

  • Beyondblue – learn more about anxiety, depression and suicide prevention, or talk through your concerns with their support service.
  • Lifeline Australia – a national charity providing Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour support and suicide prevention services.
  • Suicide Call Back Service – provides free national telephone and online counselling for anyone affected by suicide.
  • Heads Up – a Beyondblue and Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance initiative that provides business owners with free tools and resources to look after their mental health at work and achieve a mentally healthy workplace.
  • Business in Mind – a program developed by the University of Tasmania focusing on mental health especially tailored to small and medium business owners.
  • Mates in Construction – a charitable organisation focused on reducing the high level of suicide among Australian construction workers.
  • Return To Work – designed to help anyone involved in the process of returning to work after absence due to depression, an anxiety disorder or other mental health issues.  Information is available for employers, employees, colleagues, family and friends who can assist in a successful return to work.
  • Council of Small Business Australia – COSBOA supports and represents privately owned small businesses, with socially responsible practices and awareness being a focus.

For Youth:

  •   – Headspace is the National Youth Mental Health Foundation providing early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds, along with assistance in promoting young peoples’ wellbeing. This covers four core areas: mental health, physical health, work and study support and alcohol and other drug services.
  • – WAYS works with young people across the Sydney area.  This includes engaging young people in the community, this may be on the street, at school, at the beach or at a music festival.  WAYS outreach programs bring information, education and support services to young people in the community and links them to vital services they may need.

7 Super Simple Things To Manifest Happiness

This suggestion was emailed to me by the Floating Leaf eco-luxury retreat – where we stayed earlier this year …..

“We challenge you to try one a day for 1 week and see what happens. Are you up for the challenge?

  1. Charity work/Lend a helping hand
  2. Tell someone they are beautiful
  3. Exercise/Take a walk
  4. Learn to cook a new healthy meal
  5. Embrace gratitude
  6. Be the smile you want to see in the world
  7. Take on a new adventure

And most of all, happiness is a choice. Circumstances happen to us all day, every day. Its how we choose to feel about them that matter. You will fall down. You can be negative and angry about it, or you can laugh about it and be thankful for what you learned. Carrying around resentment, anger and negativity do nothing to benefit us but they do prolong and deepen the pain. Choose love. Choose Happiness.”