How can Holistic Kinesiology help you?

Kinesiology identifies and diffuses causes of stress and imbalance in the systems of the body by using the body’s biofeedback system.  It is specifically applied to one’s own unique and individual physiology.

Biofeedback is via Indicator Muscles and Points, which identify where stress accumulates in the body.  The Kinesiologist accesses the feedback through the 14 Meridian System and identifies the best correction through a digital database.  This means a Kinesiologist can help virtually any condition.

Holistic Kinesiology promotes enhancement of your whole being and balances personal goals and aspirations to any aspect of your life. More…

As a practitioner for Equiessence – Kinesiology, I draw upon my own experiences to address our daily aspirations and struggles both emotionally and in relationships.  I identify stressors using simple muscle testing to facilitate changes and to allow the body to heal itself.  I promote healing from within and aim to integrate mind, body and spirit for long lasting ‘Balance’.

My particular interest in mental health and wellbeing.  Kinesiology is unique in that it relies upon an individuals own innate healing power and allows me to get below the surface of symptoms.  This is very useful for trauma and emotionally challenging events in life, that can manifest themselves as physical symptoms.

Please call Xanthe Pearson at Equiessence if you would like to experience the technique of Holistic Kinesiology.

Xanthe Pearson


  • 0411 057 991


  • O’Donnell Street, North Bondi, NSW 2026

ABN Number

  • 87 066 036 637


  • Membership Number: 14607

Professional Member Australian Kinesiology Association Incorporated

  • Membership Number: 2220

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